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Dangerous road condtions lead to school closures

Dangerous road condtions lead to school closures

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - If you live in Johnson City you either woke up to snow on the ground or clear roads.

News 5 discovered half of the city was blanketed with snow, while the other half was mostly dry.

"Well I got up to get ready to go work and started to get in the shower, I thought I better look out the window and make sure there was not snow," said Roddy Bird, a Johnson City resident.

And when Roddy Bird looked out he saw 3 to 4 inches on snow in his south Johnson City yard.

Bird is the owner of Roddy's Flowers on South Roan Street which was closed Wednesday.

He tells us bad roadways don't make for pretty deliveries.

"The money is good, but trying to get out and run off the road and wreck is not, even just to get to work, let alone deliver flowers," said Bird, "usually if city schools close we close, because there's no way to get around."

"Today unfortunately two our south school areas were pretty slick especially the roadways, certainly not appropriate for buses to travel on," said Debra Bentley, Johnson City Schools' Supervisor of Instruction & Communication.

But 10 miles up the road in north Johnson City you could count the flakes on the ground.

Bentley tells us parents in north Johnson City called their offices wondering why school was closed.

Bentley also tells us the areas near Cherokee and Mountain View Elementary schools got the brunt of the snow.

"We know that the south side of Johnson City typically gets more precipitation rather it be rain or snow than north Johnson City," said Bentley.

Bird just hopes the heavy winter precipitation doesn't stay around too long and impact the busiest day of the year for his flower shop.

"I'm hoping Valentine's Day will be calm with nice weather because if it's like this," said Bird.

Debra Bentley tells us today the school system reached its limit of three-built-in inclement weather days.

She tells us if they have to close schools again in the future, the days will be made-up at the end of the school year in May.

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