Johnson City

Corker travels to Tri-Cities for meetings

Met with constituents and ETSU students Thursday morning

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - U.S. Senator Bob Corker paid a visit to the Tri-Cities Thursday. He took questions from community leaders and students at ETSU.

He offered his perspectives on the economy, business, and healthcare.

Senator Corker also addressed the need to reduce the deficit, even if it might include selling the TVA as a suggested possibility under President Obama's budget proposal. "I'm perfectly open to looking at TVA and seeing what is best for the U.S. taxpayers. That's where I've been from the begging and that's where I am today," said Corker.

Senator Corker also told us he feels the TVA has not invested wisely over the years and that's why he has been pushing for them to create a professional board.

In the midst of sequestration Corker is pushing for financial reform in Washington. He also said both sides of the isle must work together to agree on future cuts. "The deficits we are running and the debt we are building up is nothing short of generational theft, and we've got to figure out a way to deal with this issue. Sequestration was never intended to click in because we all though a deal would be reached, but I'd rather have sequestration than no reduction in spending," said the senator.

Later on Thursday he met with business and community leaders at an event hosted by the Bristol Chamber of Commerce at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

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