Johnson City

Congressman Phil Roe visits local high school class

Congressman Phil Roe came home to the Tri-Cities for a visit on Monday.

We caught up with the Congressman at Providence Academy in Johnson City, where he was speaking to the senior Government class. They discussed topics like Syria, healthcare, and the government shutdown.  

Congressman Roe says he expects the shutdown to end when discussions and voting about the debt ceiling to begin. "I think this is going to be resolved and thrown into the debt ceiling debate, and they'll all be combined as one mega-bill," he explained. "Two separate issues, but I think the decision-making point is the debt ceiling."

That vote is tentatively set for the October 17.

We contacted the Tennessee Democratic Party for a response. They responded saying, "Tying these issues together puts at risk the us defaulting on our financial obligations, an action that would not only devastate Tennessee's economy, but the world economy."

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