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Community, students cheer new ETSU football coach

Community, students cheer new ETSU football coach

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - It's a good day to be a Buccaneer -- the community and students are cheering about the announcement of a football coach.

We headed to ETSU Friday to find out more about the growing excitement as the Bucs get back in action on the gridiron.

Poor Richard's Campus has its roots close to campus and employees have been playing a waiting game. Just who exactly will coach ETSU football?

"Everybody has been in stitches trying to figure out who it's going to be. It's time to get going, all we need now is them to announce when we're going to build a stadium," said owner Daniel Shell.

On campus, students already have suggestions on which players should make it to the field. "People are going to come out and see their local boys play and they're going to be excited about it," said student Tiffany Buckles.

Kick-off isn't until 2015 but the college is already recruiting fans with shirts and souvenirs. We met April Baxter in the campus store picking up blue and gold football gear. "I'm getting Mamaw a shirt, my brother a shirt, my son a shirt, me a shirt," she said.

While you can't hear the roar of a crowd just yet, some students say they're excited to cheer and watch this team grow. "I love high school football so I know I'm going to like college football," said student Alexis Powers.

Some fans tell us they're already planning to buy season tickets for ETSU football games once they become available.

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