Johnson City

Commissioners set goals for development in Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Johnson City commissioners met Saturday morning to discuss long-term and short-term goals for the city and to figure out what it takes to reach them.

Johnson City Mayor Ralph Van Brocklin tells us their plans include making the city a regional retail hub, developing a vital downtown, and growing the city's relationship with ETSU and the medical community.

Van Brocklin describes Saturday's meeting as a brain storming session that will help the city's leaders prioritize their goals and figure out what it takes to accomplish them. "I think that in the three years that I have been on the commission there have been some good things that have occurred. We are certainly seeing a lot of progress in downtown, we've got a new trail that we are developing, we are putting investments into the sort of thing I believe that are going bring new people into our own and create value to people in our town," said Ralph Van Brocklin.

The mayor says the biggest hurdle for the city right now is creating enough revenue to start and finish many of the proposed projects on their goal list.

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