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Clock shop prepares for daylight saving time

Daylight Saving Time preparation

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - It's like clockwork -- we spring forward and fall back once a year. Most clocks will reset automatically, but there are some that don't. 

News 5 took a look inside of clock shop that's stood the test of time.

Leander Keim owns Happy Hours Clocks in downtown Johnson City. "It's like a companion, where we have this ever-present rhythmic sound going on," said Keim.

But with today's technology, Keim says the tick-tock sound is living on borrowed time. "It's the trace of a bygone era; if you have a cell phone or you drive a vehicle, you already have a clock," said Keim.

Yet, Happy Hours Clocks is still luring customers with clocks the public doesn't usually see.

Keim will soon have to 'spring forward' more than 30 clocks in his store. But this will be last time he does if one Tennessee lawmaker has his way.

Representative Curry Todd proposed that the state should not recognize standard time, and keep daylight saving time year around.

Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey tells us that the proposal doesn't stand a chance. "We border 8 states, one side of State Street would be one time and the side of State Street would be another time. That's not going to work," said Ron Ramsey, Tennessee Lt. Governor.

At Happy Hours Clocks, Keim says he'd like for time the stay the same year round, but for now he'll just take his time. "Probably some [clocks] won't get changed until next week, because there are a lot clocks to be change," said Keim.

The time change will happen at 2 a.m. Sunday.

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