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City hopes 'traffic calming' project will make busy road safer

Johnson City 'traffic calming' project for busy road

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A walk across the street on one Johnson City road is causing some pedestrians to fear for their lives; News 5 got the facts on what the city plans do to keep walkers and drivers safe on the city's busiest road.

June Wagner owns Unique Treasures, which sits on the corner of Spring Street and State of Franklin Road. "They need something that is safe for people to get across the street," said Wagner. "It does affect business, it really does, and you hardly see the foot traffic that you used to see."

Johnson City Public Works officials tell us in recent months there have been at least three crashes involving pedestrians and vehicles between Buffalo and Roan Streets on State of Franklin Road.

"It is dangerous. I almost got clipped yesterday by a car," said Brandy Rodgers, a Johnson City resident.

Johnson City Public Works Director Phil Pindzola says the city has taken notice of the problem; starting next month, they plan to fix it. "There are a lot pedestrian movements back and forth to either side to access developments or access parking, so we are trying to make the roadway safer," said Pindzola.

Pindzola tells us the traffic calming project consists of building a median in the middle of the street for pedestrians to stop at while they cross the street.

The project also includes adding more street lighting, along with signalized crossing at the Spring Street intersection, along with more crosswalks.

Wagner tells us she's glad the city is taking action and hopes drivers and pedestrians will take notice. "Whether it is a median, if they don't use it that's on them, but it has to be something," said Wagner.

Pindzola tells us the construction will last about three months, costing the city $200,000.

He also said the road will stay open during the construction.

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