Johnson City

Carry On: Johnson City woman cherishes birthday flowers from late father

The story of a father's parting gift to his daughter has reached thousands of people since the woman posted her story on social media last week.

The father of Bailey Sellers, a student at ETSU, arranged to have flowers delivered to her on her birthday shortly before his death from cancer in 2013. The yearly gifts have come to close after she reached her 21st birthday.

Sellers said she dreaded her birthday because of the hard memories is brought to mind but she says she is thankful for the message and thought that comes with each flower delivery.

Since Sellers posted the story on her Twitter account, the post has been shared more than 360,000 times and liked by 1.4 million people. 

News 5's Tiana Bohner will speak with Sellers and provide more details on this heartwarming story later this evening. 


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