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Career fair allows job seekers to network

Interstate Career Fair in Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Organizers are calling a local career fair a big success.

A group of 17 area colleges and universities hosted the ''Interstate Career Fair" in Johnson City Thursday afternoon. Dozens of employers turned out to meet prospective workers.

It was all about what employers can't see on your resume: how you handle yourself, how professional you are, how your personality suits any openings they have.

"What I love about a career fair, is a website can kind of be flat sometimes," said Amanda Gardner with the Interstate Career Fair. "So a career fair, people can come up and say, 'Here are my skills,' or, 'Here's my major,' and an employer can say, 'Here's how we can use you.' That's what I think is so important about a career fair."

The career fair featured many different employers with a variety of openings. "We have jobs ranging from hands on: plumbing, painting, electrician, all the way to nuclear engineer and everywhere in between," said Petty Officer First Class James Betz with the United States Navy.

The jobs showcased at Thursday's event also included a lot of entry-level positions and even summer jobs for students.

Each booth offered applicants a chance to stand out. "It's very helpful," said ETSU graduate student Amanda Goodhard. "I like talking to people and so I feel that's a better way for me to get a connection. People will be more open with me with what they want.".  

WCYB and WEMT were sponsors of the career fair.

If you'd like more information, you can contact ETSU's career service office. Visit or call the ETSU University Career Services office at (423) 439-4450 for further details.

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