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Car crashes into Johnson City home, two sent to hospital

Car crashes into Johnson City home, sends two to hospital

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A sleeping baby narrowly escaped serious injury after a car crashed through a house early Thursday morning.

Johnson City police are looking into what caused the crash while residents are asking what can be done to keep it from happening again.

It was a horrifying situation for a Johnson City family early Thursday morning. Just before 2 a.m., Johnson City Police say a car crashed through the front a house on Hamilton Street.

Resident Garrick Swartz says the impact was enough to send food flying out of his kitchen cabinets on the other side of the house. But his biggest worry was his eight-month-old son who was in bed on the other side of the wall the car hit.

He showed us where the baby and bed were tossed across the room. Both the baby and driver were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover.

Investigators say charges are pending.

Swartz told us he's happy everyone is going to be okay, but is not shocked this happened.

Residents say the intersection was not designed correctly and that there is a guardrail is in the wrong spot. Traffic does not come across University Parkway because of a center median, and they believe the guardrail should be in another yard.

Residents say they have contacted the city many times but so far nothing has been done. Many on this street are now hoping this crash will bring a change.

We contacted city leaders about whether they'd install a guardrail. The public works department says they are looking into it.

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