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Anonymous MSHA employee creates survey about eliminations

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A local health system is denying responsibility after an anonymous online survey surfaced about some of their staff.

The survey asked staff members who they would want to eliminate from the Johnson City Medical Center Clinical Pharmacy Services department and the Operations pharmacy.

The survey lists thirty-three names from both departments, and also asks respondents how they would want to manage a Mountain States Health Alliance mandated reduction in force.

We reached out to Mountain States for comment. While no one would go on camera, spokeswoman Teresa Hicks sent News 5 a statement, saying, "Like all healthcare providers in our region and across the country, we are constantly evaluating our resources in order to be good stewards in this changing and very challenging health care environment. We are taking a focused look at staffing levels in departments with fixed overhead in order to bring those costs in line with the declines we are seeing in patient volumes."

Hicks tells News 5 that a Mountain States team member created the survey, but it is not in keeping with MSHA policy.

Here are the questions that were on the survey, which has now been removed from the site where it was published:

1. To manage the reduction in force in Department 1713 mandated by MSHA, would you prefer:

To reduce the 1715 department by 3 pharmacists and move 3 pharmacists from the 1713 Clinical pharmacy department to the 1715 Operations department
To reduce the 1713 Clinical pharmacy department by 3 pharmacists
To reduce the number of hours worked for everyone in 1713 back down to 72 hours

2. Regardless of your answer to Question #1, please choose three pharmacists to be eliminated from the JCMC 1713 Clinical Pharmacy Services Department.

[Names redacted]

3. Regardless of your answer to Question #1, which three pharmacists from 1715 budget would you eliminate?

[Names redacted]

4. If three 1715 operations pharmacists are eliminated, as a 1713 department pharmacist I would be willing to move to which of the 175 positions as a permanent assignment:

OR Sat
IV Room
2nd shift
3rd shift
Cancer center

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