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Annual Tree Streets yard sale draws crowd before official start

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - It's that time again to break out your wallet and your walking shoes in Johnson City.

Thousands of shoppers are expected in one Johnson City neighborhood. News 5 was in the heart of the annual Tree Streets yard sale and found out this year people are getting an early start.

It's a bargain shopper's paradise -- dozens of yard sales are all set up in a span of just a few blocks. "You don't have to go miles between sales. You can just walk it, get exercise," said John Jenkins, an annual shopper.

It's Johnson City's annual tree streets yard sale. With a large crowd browsing Friday, you might not even realize they are a day early. "If you come on Friday, you get a better parking place. On Saturday, it's hard to find a parking place," said shopper Norman Cox.

What's up for grabs? We found out first-hand there's quite the selection. At one antique booth, we learned some popular things this year are old signs and even bottles and crates.

We also found things you might expect to see at a yard sale like clothes and knick-knacks, but also even a few surprises. "[My] wife's selling her car, and I'm selling my motorcycle," said Buddy Shaffer, a Tree Streets resident.

And shoppers are spending too. We asked around and learned the money is going to different places.

Some vendors like Lydia Fronckoski are hoping to take home a profit. "We would like to make between at least over $1,000, maybe $1,500," said Fronckoski.

Others are raising money to put back into the community. "Part of [the money raised] will go to the ministry here at the [ETSU] Catholic Center, the outreach to the students and the faculty," said Father Michael Cummins with the ETSU Catholic Center.

But Josiah Davis is just trying to scrape up enough dimes to buy some toys. "We're selling lemonade!" said Davis. "[It's] ten cents!"

Cool lemonade was not a bad idea on a hot day with lots of people walking.

But whether you leave the Tree Streets with a treasure or not, some said it's all part of the experience. "We found out when we moved here it was a tradition, and to be part of Johnson City, you should come," said Jenkins.

The official start to the Tree Streets yard sale is Saturday, September 8 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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