Johnson City

Admitted animal torturer jailed on probation violation

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A man who pleaded guilty in a high-profile animal cruelty case in 2012 has been jailed without bond, accused of violating his probation.

Criminal Court Judge Robert Cupp sentenced Dustin Harrell to probation after he admitted to torturing his family's Yorkshire terrier to death.

The court clerk's office says Harrell's not reported to his probation officer, left the state without permission, and tested positive for drugs.

The charges carries up to two years in jail.

When Harrell was first sentenced by the judge, he told him he would have to comply with all rules of probation for the 18 months; if he did, the charge could have been erased from his record.

If the court decides he did not comply with the rules, he will have to serve the prison sentence.

He goes back to court in June.

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