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911 dispatchers get fewer calls during this week's snow storm

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Washington County Tennessee 911 dispatchers told us, despite bad driving conditions through this week's snow storm, they received fewer calls than normal.

"Today's not been your typical day," said dispatch director Bob McNeill, on Thursday.

McNeill told us that since this snow storm started, they've had a big drop in call volume.

"Normally we'll have 550, sometimes 650, calls per day and today has been about half of that," he said.

On Tuesday, from midnight to 3:00 p.m., McNeill told us they received 323 calls. During that same time period on Thursday, the only got 185 calls.

He told us the dip applies to all first responders. EMS calls were down, McNeill said, so were calls for the Johnson City and Washington County fire departments and police.

"I think people figured out they needed to be off the roads and in their homes and that helped out a lot," he said.

McNeill told us it also helped that most people didn't have anywhere they absolutely needed to go.

"Schools are out," said McNeill. "All schools are out, including the university, several businesses have been closed so there's been a whole lot less traffic on the road."

McNeill said that most of the calls they did get were for car accidents.

He told us until more of the roads are plowed, it's best for people to avoid traveling.

"Just stay off the roads," said McNeill. "Take care of themselves and things should be okay."

We sent crews into the field to check on the road conditions in Johnson City on Thursday night.

We discovered many of the main roads like N. Roan St. were almost completely clear. We also found out some of the back roads in downtown Johnson City, like Ashe St., did still have some snow and ice coverage.

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