Johnson City store gives away free clothes and toys

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - At quick glance it looks at if Black Friday sales are already underway at the Little Hoot Boutique in Johnson City.

But there are no deals or steals this Sunday afternoon because everything is free.

"Toys for the baby and clothes for the baby," said Jamie Hamilton, a mother of two.

Hamilton and nearly 300 others come to feel up their boxes and bags at not cost to them.

Hamilton tells News 5, times are hard but Sunday's clothing giveaway is coming at the perfect time.

"We get by, but the little extras like a bunch of toys and everything that's hard to get and it helps," said Hamilton

Jessica Moore and her husband own the consignment boutique, but 8 years ago they were struggling after being hit by Hurricane Katrina.

"When we first moved here we had nothing we knew nothing about the town, we just settled here with no job, no nothing. People really came forward and helped us get settled," said Moore.

Moore tells News 5, her goal is to pay those good deeds forward.

"It's hard to find a job, me and my wife are doing everything we can just to by it's just really a blessing," said Joshua Pendleton.

So 4 times a year Moore provides more than $7,000 worth of clothes and toys which mostly come from donations.

Hamilton tells News 5 she was able to get more than $100 worth of clothes that will go a long way for her kids.

"It's very helpful, I'm very thankful for God's kingdom that does all this it's really amazing," said Hamilton.

The Hamilton tells News 5, she strategically plans to have the event before Black Friday to remind people of the true meaning of the season.

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