Job Creation In Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development Bill Hagerty, along with WS Packaging Group Inc. announced the company will expand operations in Knoxville. The company is investing $43 million dollars and will create 231 new jobs in the area.

In a statement after the announcement Haslam said, "One of the priorities in our Jobs4TN strategy is companies already doing business in Tennessee, and whenever a company already operating here decides to stay and expand, it further supports our goal of becoming the No. 1 location the southeast for high quality jobs."

The company will also consolidate all its Knoxville facilities to one central facility at the PBR Building to create more unity in its operations. The move should be completed by mid-July. The company plans to start its hiring process in March and April. Those interested in applying for positions can go to: www.jobs4tn.gov .

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