Investigators charge man they believe tattooed 15-year-old high school boy

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - A local Sheriff's Office is cracking down on underage tattooing with the arrest of an artist accused of tattooing a teenager.

We've learned the Carter County Sheriff's Office recently charged 35-year-old Bobby Lafollette for tattooing a 15-year-old Hampton High School student.

Deputy Shane Watson says investigators found five tattoo machines along with nearly 700 needles inside Lafollette's home.

He's facing charges ranging from tattooing a minor, as well as tattooing without a license. "The hygiene is not up to par, the needles some of them are even ruptured in the packaging so they're not sterile anymore. The environment he was tattooing in is not a safe place," added Deputy Watson.

Deputy Watson believes Lafollette has tattooed several people ranging from minors to adults.

We've learned School Resource Officers are cracking down on underage tattooing by observing and talking with students.

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