Hulsey campaign moves forward despite tragic accident

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Bud Hulsey's campaign to get the Republican nomination for Tennessee's Second District state representative spot has struggled to deal with the death of former state representative Mike Locke, Hulsey's campaign committee chairman.

Locke died after being struck by a Kingsport man charged with driving drunk. At the time, Locke was putting up campaign signs along Fort Henry Drive in Kingsport.

Hulsey announced that a team of family and friends will carry forward the work of Mike Locke on Wednesday.

Hulsey said he asked Locke's son Hunter, Locke's brother, Dr. Bill Locke and Hoyt Denton to serve as co-chairmen. Despite the loss, the campaign will move forward. "He believed in me, so of course that puts an endowment inside of you that you have to win this, there's too much at stake," Hulsey said.

It's also given Hulsey a plank in his platform as he runs for the Republican nomination. He says should he get into office he will take a closer look at DUI sentencing guidelines. "I think we ought to look at whether there should be judical discretion on vehicular homicide laws. Right now it's a felony that the range is between 3 and 12 years, which means a judge can give a guy 3 years, 8 years, 12 years," the canidate said.

Hulsey says he would like to see a mandatory sentence for a DUI vehicular homicide.

The Republican primary is August 7. Hulsey is running against incumbent Tony Shipley.

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