Household hazards recycled Saturday

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Did you know you can recycle things like light bulbs, paint thinners, even kerosene?

Folks in Washington County, Tennessee were able to drop-off household chemicals to be recycled Saturday.

It was the annual Hazardous Waste Collection sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

Chemicals ranged from polishes and cleaners, pesticides, pool chemicals, even light bulbs.

Officials tell us these items are hazardous and should never be thrown away with your everyday trash. "Depends on what type of chemical it is, but it can be really harmful to the environment and contaminate the ground water," said Charles Baines Solid Waste Director for Washington County.

If you missed Saturday's event some of these items can be recycled year round at the five local facilities in Washington County, Tennessee.

Acceptable items include batteries, paint, used oil, antifreeze, and electronics.

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