Historic Log Home Resurrected

Historic Log Home Resurrected

Greeneville, Tenn. -

     Revolutionary War veteran Seth Babb returned to Greene County after the war and built a log home and started a family.  That was 1787.

     And now more than  200 years later that very same home will be re-assembled in downtown Greeneville as a living history exhibit by the Nathanael Greene Museum.
     The Babb family home hasn't been standing as a structure since 2006.  It was meticulously taken down and stored in a warehouse to be resurrected in Greeneville.

     "When it was disassembled the logs were numbered so it was kind of like a puzzle.  You just put the numbers together, a couple of the logs had to be replaced," Earl Fletcher executive director of the museum said.

      The preservation of the home had been spearheaded by the decedents of that same Seth Babb.  It was used actively as a home for nearly a hundred years so many ancestors were born here.  Once finally completed, it will be furnished with Babb family artifacts especially in the font room.

      "I already have pieces of Babb artifacts in here.  I have the babb brass kettle, I have a Babb bed, I have pieces to a spinning wheel.  So I want to start in that room and then expand over to the next room.  There only two rooms downstairs and then the whole loft is open, it was sleeping quarters," Fletcher says.

       Not totally historically correct, the reconstruction will be corrected as budget is available.

       "We needed to get the building complete and so we have gone through the process with the constraints of a budget and its very close to opening now.  We have to complete the fire box in the chimney and then i'm going to start decorating in the main pallor of the building," Fletcher said.

       The hope is that it will be complete by years end to add another piece of actual living history to the town of Greeneville.  It's not just a building but a home, a home filled with history.

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