Heated Washington County Tennessee race

Heated Washington County Tennessee race

With no Democratic challenger in the August General Election, the Tuesday Republican Primary will decide the next sheriff for Washington County, Tennessee.

The race pits incumbent, Ed Graybeal, in his third term against Jonesborough Public Safety Director, Craig Ford.

The challenger has out-spent the current sheriff in the campaign three to one and he's made accusations against the incumbent.

The race for the Sheriff of Washington County, Tennessee has been heated since the outcome decides who will lead the department for the next term.

Both challenger Craig Ford, the Public Safety Director for Jonesborough and three term sheriff Ed Graybeal bring a wealth of experience to the table.

"I really like working for the people of Washington County. They gave me my first job 34 years ago, let me feed my family and take care of them. One thing on our agenda is commitment and I'm committed to the people of Washington County as long as they want me to be here," Sheriff Graybeal said.

"I actually stated my law enforcement career at the Washington County Sheriffs office back in 85 under then Sheriff Ron England and I came to Jonesborough in the early 90's as a captain and not long after that was promoted to police chief here in Jonesborough," Ford says.

Ford has made allegations of nepotism and mismanagement in the department and wants to see a change.

"There are times in life when you feel like that you need to take a stand for something and I just felt like there were numerous things that we pointed out along this campaign that are not just not right," Ford said.

"The thing I like to say is none of them have any merit. I think we've answered everybody's questions from the forum we had down in Jonesborough, to the press and everybody. It's something that's been hard on the department," responded Graybeal.

The outcome of the Tuesday primary will be the next sheriff, there is no democrat running in the general election.

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