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Woman accused of driving through church makes court appearance

Husband told 911 operator stabbing was accidental

Woman accused of driving through church in court

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - A Church Hill woman accused of driving through a church because 'God told her to' was in court Wednesday afternoon.

The 911 call placed by 23-year-old Stephanie Hamman's husband the night of the crash was released Tuesday. "I don't know what has gotten into my wife," Hamman's husband said on the tape. "She went and wrecked her car into the church down here, I don't know what's wrong with her."

This was the beginning of a frantic call that Stephanie Hamman's husband made after Church Hill Police say she crashed her car into Providence Church in Church Hill Sunday night after she told police 'God told her to.'

On Wednesday Hamman was arraigned in Hawkins County, where she received a court-appointed attorney. The attorney told the judge she was not able to talk with Hamman because of her current condition and ordered a mental evaluation, which was granted by the judge.

Hamman is facing multiple charges, including one count of attempted first degree murder, after police say she stabbed her husband. "I'm stabbed in the chest, right side, high," Hamman's husband said in the 911 call.

Church Hill Police tell us Hamman's husband went to check on his wife after the crash. They say he found her lying in front of the altar; when he checked on her, she said, "The Devil is in me." Click here to view photos inside the church after the incident.

"I tried to wrestle her. I didn't know she had a knife in her hand. I thought her ring cut me," said Hamman's husband to the 911 operator.

Hamman's husband told police his wife had actually stabbed him with a large kitchen knife. "She didn't even mean to. She just, I was trying to get a hold of her. I said, 'Baby, do you even know what is going on? You just wrecked into the church.'"

Hamman's husband told the 911 dispatcher she hadn't been drinking. He says they just got home from a baptism in Claypool Hill. "We got home, and she was asleep when we got here. I woke her up, brought her inside, and she started carrying stuff to the car. She just got in the car and drove off," he said in the call.

Hamman told police she stabbed her husband because she felt he was worshipping the NASCAR race in Bristol, which made her mad. 

At last check, Hamman's husband was listed in good condition.

The judge tells News 5 Hamman's case is on hold until the mental evaluation is complete, which means no further court date has been set.

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