Hawkins County

Weather causing issues for Longs Bend Bridge construction

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - The cold, wet weather is causing big delays for a Hawkins County construction project.

Hawkins County Highway Commissioner Lowell Bean tells us construction is complete at Longs Bend Bridge in Surgoinsville but the cold weather is keeping them from being able to pave. Bean says they need several days of temperatures in the 50s before they are able to pave the bridge.

The closure is causing headaches for some residents and emergency workers who have to reach homeowners on the other side of the bridge. "Any time that we have to wait, it's just a chance that we're taking. It's day-by-day, hour-by-hour really, to make sure nothing happens over there," says Hawkins County 911 Director Gay Murrell.

Bean tells us he is checking with the contractor and the state to see if cars can start using the bridge until it is paved.

TDOT says the closure is estimated to be until February 6.

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