Hawkins County

Rough winter has some counties running low on resources

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. -       With this winter storm just hours away, one county in northeast Tennessee is running short on supplies to keep the roads clear.

      For now, these salt trucks in Hawkins County are parked.
Because of a shortage in salt, Highway Commissioner Lowell Bean tells us his crews are using close to 200 tons of chat a day.

     Chat is a salt and fine rock mixture that helps melt snow and ice.
But now, they're running low on chat because it's been a snowy winter. He says, "In other areas they're using so much salt and you know we have to order salt in July so we order salt and we've used a little more than we've planned, but we can't get anymore right now and that's because of the demand for salt.

     Bean tells us they will put salt on steep roads or areas that don't get much sunshine and save the chat for higher traffic streets.

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