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Rogersville Middle School has lockdown after bomb threat

Rogersville Middle School has lockdown after bomb threat

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - Rogersville Middle School was put on lock down on Thursday after a bomb threat. We're told no one was hurt.

This is the third lock down at a Hawkins County school since classes started on August 4. Hawkins County school officials told us those were all in response to bomb threats.

"You don't know whether to send your child to school or not," said Kathy Hirt. "I mean it could happen any day."

Hirt's daughter goes to Cherokee High School where school officials told us two of those threats were made earlier this month. One happened on August 8 and the other on August 18.

On Thursday, another bomb threat was discovered at Rogersville Middle School.

"All three have been something that has been scribbled on the wall in the bathroom, on the back of the stall door or something to that effect," said Steve Starnes, the director of schools.

Now circling on Facebook are comments suggesting Thursday's lock down may not be the last. We asked Starnes how serious those comments are.

"To my knowledge the school itself has not received any threats, it's just the rumor mill right now," he said.

Starnes told us they're taking extra precautions and are working with the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office to figure out what started all of this. Neither the Sheriff's Office nor the school would disclose their safety plans for Friday.

Starnes told us they are asking students to get off social media.

"If it gets re-posted a thousand times across social media, it's hard to go back and determine who the first person was that posted this," said Starnes.

Parent Kathy Hirt told us this is too much to ignore and she plans on keeping her daughter home from school on Friday.

"If it wasn't her senior year, I might just consider home schooling her," said Hirt.

She told us in each of these cases, the school notified the parents there was a lock down in place but she said that's where the communication stopped.

"They don't tell you why the kids were even locked down, no parent note goes home," said Hirt.

She said she'd like to see that changed in the future.

The Hawkins County Sheriff's Office told us this is an ongoing investigation.

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