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NASCAR wreck hits home for two local women

CHURCH HILL, Tenn. - After a wreck that injured about 30 people in Daytona Saturday, it had Ashley McPeek worried, because her grandfather was in the crowd.
"I didn't see it on tv, I had heard about it on Facebook and then my grandmother called me and told me," says his granddaughter Ashley McPeek.

Tim Scott was sitting at the Nationwide Race very close to the wreck, but his step-daughter Melisa McPeek says, he was very lucky he wasn't sitting any closer.
"He usually likes to sit down lower, but my mother had told him no don't do that, because the last time they had sat down lower, they had got a lot of residue from the tires and stuff so, she said make sure you sit up higher. And I guess that was a good thing," Melisa says.

But that doesn't mean he didn't walk away without a mark, he was hit by some debris from the number 32 car.
"He got hit by a small piece of the brake on his side. It was about the size of a dime, but it made a huge red spot, but it didn't break the skin," Ashley tells News 5.

Scott was with his son and three others when the wreck happened.
"His friend about 4 or 5 seats down got hit by a piece of tire," she continues.
Melisa goes on to say, "he was more concerned about what was going on around him rather than what was--he knew something had hit him- but was more concerned about the other people".

Which brings up a question of safety, Ashley tells us something should be changed, and while Melisa agrees, she doesn't think it would work.
"Do you give up the enjoyment of the race for more safety precautions? I would say a race fan would say no."

We did try to call Tim to get his reaction, but the wreck Saturday didn't stop him from going to Sunday's race.

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