Hawkins County

Longer response times for EMS in Hawkins County

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - Response time for an EMS in Hawkins County is becoming an issue.

911 Director Gay Murrell says that's because two separate ambulance services serve the county, and they have the county split into two parts.

She says now dispatchers are not able to tell which ambulance is the closest to a call because none of them have location devices on them.

Murrell hopes the county will make the ambulances have tracking devices on them.

She also hopes the county will be able to have the two different services come together to help cut down on response time, "If the call is closer to one or the other we just have to send that appropriate ambulance we can't pick and choose who we send," says Murrell.

Murrell says the public safety committee is in the process of setting up rules and guidelines for the EMS services.

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