Hawkins County

Hundreds of people gathered Sunday in Rogersville to fight against drug and alcohol abuse.

ROGERSVILLE, Tenn. -  It's called "Stand in the Gap."

"Drugs are really, really, really bad and touch a tremendous amount of people. Statistics I've been given say one in three families are touched by drugs," says organinzer Alice Snodgrass.


They are marching three miles in downtown Rogersville hoping to make a difference.

According to local Pastor Christopher Castle, Hawkins County has a high rate of drug use and he  wants to see those numbers drop.


"We know that it's a tremendous problem and our hope is that people instead of turning to alcohol and drugs they turn to God," says Castle.


Along the way there are 20 different locations set up where people can stop and reflect on what they want to see change.

Castle continues, "It's truly praying for repentance and asking god to be with our families, be with our leaders, be with our community, and we're wanting and expecting god to change."


News 5 learned eight other counties---in Tennessee and Kentucky took part in the 'Stand in the Gap' event Sunday.

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