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Hawkins County schools closed for the week

Hawkins County schools out

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - The cold weather has closed Hawkins County schools for the rest of the week.

We went to Hawkins County on Wednesday and found out that while the main roads are clear, the back roads are still covered in snow and ice.

We're told the road conditions are why Hawkins County school buses will stay parked until Monday. "Hawkins County school buses travel, in one route, 2,400 miles," said Charlotte Britton, the director of schools. "You easily see there are many roads besides the main highways on which we are picking up our students every day."

The roads in Rogersville are cleared off, but five miles outside of town, the roads are still white.

The Hawkins County Highway Department told us they've been using salt and plows on the roads. We're told that in the cold temperatures, the roads need sunshine to help melt the snow and ice away.

The Highway Department told us that many of the back roads are shaded, however, so they won't be clear for days.  

Britton said that's why they're closing for the rest of the week. "We did want to let parents know that we're going to be out Thursday and Friday so that they can make arrangements for student care during those days."

Rogersville resident Jena Risner told us she has two teenage sons that she can leave at home alone. She said not everyone is so lucky. "That could be hard, especially if the family is not available to come and watch them."

Risner told us her family has been most affected by the cancellation of after-school sports. "It's affecting the ball games my son plays. We don't know how we're going to make those up before the tournament on Saturday," she said.

By the end of this week, Hawkins County schools will have used up nine out of their 11 snow days for the year.

Britton is retiring this year. She told us this week's meetings on the search for her replacement as director have also been cancelled.

She told us they are working to reschedule those meetings.

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