Hawkins County

Hawkins county pushing for homeowners to use reflective signs

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - When seconds count you want to be sure first responders can find your home.

That's why Robert Melton decided to get something to make his mailbox stand out. "It's reflective at night and the way I've got it on my mailbox anybody could see it anytime of day or night," says Melton.

He has a reflective address sign which eases his mind in case he has an emergency. "I think they would respond real quick and I've got all the confidence in the world in them, " Melton said.

News 5 found out a lot of homes don't have their house number visible from the road.

Corporal Sam Wilholt with the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office says if there are no numbers dispatch will have to call back and ask for more information. "Descriptions of the house what kind of vehicles are in the driveway and of course at night that makes a problem too because most of the time you can't tell the color of the house," Wilholt stated.

Wilholt says those reflective signs could cut down on response time. "They are at the road connected to the person's mailbox and we can actually see them from a long distance," says Wilholt.

Melton says anything that can help first responders help you is worth getting. "I think everybody in Hawkins County ought to have one," Melton said.

For more information on how to buy one of these signs for $15, call Hawkins County 911 at (423) 272-8999.

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