Hawkins County

Hawkins County officials expect warm weather to remove snow

Hawkins County snow update


It's been a bitterly cold and snowy winter for the Tri-Cities, but the communities in the mountains and foothills have taken the brunt of Mother Nature's winter wrath.

News 5 found out Sunday people living in Hawkins County hope this week's forecast will melt away the persistent mounds of snow.

Lifelong Hawkins County resident Romelda Moore tells News 5 this is one of the snowiest winters she's ever seen. "If it snows in our community we don't go anywhere," said Moore. "It's hard because we've got a hill coming up to where we live, and hill have to come on that hill to get where we have to be."

Moore lives in New Canton near Church Hill. She tells news 5 Saturday night's snowfall made her Sunday morning drive to church a little dicey. "It was hard getting out of my driveway, because it was ice all the way down the hill," said Moore.

By noon on Sunday, the sun had begun to melt most of the snow and ice off of the roads.

Hawkins County Road Superintendent Lowell Bean hopes the sun keeps shining and the temperature keeps rising. "With these 60 [degree temperatures] our roads will be in good shape this week," said Lowell Bean, Hawkins County Road Superintendent.

Bean tells us they've been able to clear all of the county's main roads, but there are certain roads only Mother Nature can clear. "The few roads we might have lacked, this warm weather will take care for us. In some of the secluded roads it's really been rough; we get lucky when we get those cleared before another snow comes. When the temperature doesn't make it above freezing during the day, it makes it hard on the people and the schools," said Bean.

Meanwhile, Moore tells us she's praying that the sun doesn't stop shining. "We've been praying hard for the sun to come out and melt all off the snow, because that's the only way it's going to get done is for the grace of the Lord to stop and put a little sunshine on it," said Moore.

Bean tells us just in case the winter weather doesn't come to an end soon, they have about 20 tons of salt ready to go.

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