Hawkins County

Hawkins County narcotics arrest

HAWKINS COUNTY, TENN. - On January 31, 2014, officers of the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office and Morristown Police Department went to a home in Bulls Gap in reference to arrest warrants on Sheila L. Davis and Leonard Brad Eidson.

 Upon arrival officers made contact with Ms. Davis. While waiting for Eidson, officers observed several spoons with unknown melted substances on them, numerous syringes, a propane torch and numerous prescription bottles lying in plain view in a bedroom. A few minutes later Mr. Eidson arrived and taken into custody.

   While there both subjects gave voluntary verbal consent of a search of the home. During a search of their bedroom, Mr. Eidson voluntarily opened a safe that was located next to the bed. Inside the safe was a unlabeled bottle containing pills that were identified as Morphine 60mg and Morphine 200mg and a unopened Suboxone strip in addition to other drugs.

Eidson told officers that there was a shotgun between the mattress and box springs.  The weapon was found with two boxes of 20 gauge shells.

Eidson voluntarily stated that all the pills were his and he did not have prescriptions for them. Several other non-controlled substances were also located.

Eidson is facing the following charges:

  1. Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance (3 Counts)
  2. Possession of Schedule III Controlled Substance
  3. Felony Possession of Prohibited Weapon (sawed-off shotgun)
  4. Maintaining a Dwelling Where Narcotics are Housed or Sold

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