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Group plans another meaningful holiday meal

Group plans another meaningful holiday meal

Rogersville, Tenn. - Rogersville's "People Loving People" Thanksgiving dinner is almost biblical. With donations and volunteers they served 2,500 full course meals last year and they expect to do the same this year.

It takes nearly three full days for some 350 volunteers to cook, pack and deliver all of the meals that People Loving People serves each Thanksgiving. It's been a holiday tradition for tens years now. "We started out that first year at the National Guard. I think we served probably in the neighborhood of 800 to 900 people and it's kind of grown. Last year we served over 2,500 meals," People Loving People chairman Dr. Blaine Jones said. And they expect to do the same this Thanksgiving, maybe even more.

What's amazing is that the majority of the meals are prepared for delivery all over the region. "We deliver more meals than people come here to eat. We'd like to reverse that have people come join us so we can serve them in the cafeteria of the Joseph Rodgers Primary School here in Rogersville," Dr. Jones says.

But regardless, if you're hungry on Thanksgiving, People Loving People wants to serve you. It's both a learning and teaching opportunity for families on a day of giving to others. "We have had families over the years start bring their kids to come here and work to serve. Here's what it means, guys this is what life is about, taking care of other people. It's not all about you, it's about serving other people and serving God," Dr. Jones said.

And it's not just the meal that many of those who receive a meal need in some cases. "A lot of people are lonely and one day a year we can reach out to them and feed them and give them the love that they need," He said.

People loving people is the largest out pouring of giving in the region on Thanksgiving day.

If you would like to have a meal delivered please call 423-293-3155.

If you would like to volunteer to help, call 423-345-3743.

To make a donation send it to:
People Loving People
P.O. Box 35
Rogersville, TN  37857

For more information visit foursquareinc.org or the People Loving People Facebook page.

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