Hawkins County

Frozen water pipes cause problems around region

Emergency crews, plumbers and electricians are all working at healthcare facility in Church Hill due to a water outage.

A water line burst at the Church Hill Health and Rehab facility on West Main Boulevard in Church Hill, causing the ceilings to collapse in two rooms. No one was hurt in the incident, but the water has been shut off to the building. Click here to view photos of water damage around the area on Wednesday.

In the meantime, bottled water has been brought in for drinking, and the Hawkins County Emergency Management Agency, along with the Church Hill Fire Department, hooked up water to a hydrant to use for cleaning and toilets.

EMA director Gary Murrell tells us they have folks working hard to correct the problem. "They've called in some more resources. They've got several groups of plumbers here, some electricians," he told us. "We've got a state response here also from TEMA, and Regional Health is working with us here on this to make sure everything is ok."

Murrell says the patients are in good spirits, although thirteen had to be moved to other rooms while work is being done.

The Red Cross was also brought in to feed the workers so the staff could concentrate on patient care.

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