Hawkins County

Five Hawkins County schools receive technology grants

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - Five schools in Hawkins County will be putting down the pencils, paper, and books, all thanks to a 'mini grant.'

"Any amount of money we get in public education is not a mini amount; $1,500 can go a long way," says Rogersville Middle School librarian Luke Wade.

The grant is thanks to the Utrust Program, which is an organization that began in 1980 as the Tennessee School Boards Iinsurance Trust. "We were surprised. I was excited to get the news," says St. Clair Elementary fourth grade teacher Jamie Matthews.

At St. Clair Elementary School, they received $1,500 which they plan to use to buy three iPads and protective covers. "I'll be looking for different types of fraction games, or ways they can practice with fractions on number lines, or with fraction strips," adds Matthews.

Matthews is the fourth grade teacher who applied for the grant. She tells us iPads can make learning a little more fun. "It's more fun for them than a pencil and a piece of paper. It gets them more engaged, which is also really important in the classroom," Matthews said.

Across the county at Rogersville Middle School, they also received a $1,500 grant for tablets. "$1,500 bought seven Kindles for my library, and that's a good start to starting a Kindle lab," says Wade.

Librarian Luke Wade tells us without the Kindles at school, some students would have no access to technology. "If our students don't have access to it at home, where else are they going to get it but school?" he asked.

Both schools tell us they are grateful for the grants and they think it'll go a long way. "We think it'll make a real big difference and we're very, very thankful," adds Matthews.

St. Clair Elementary, Rogersville Middle, Church Hill Elementary and Intermediate Schools, and Volunteer High School all received money.

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