Hawkins County

Crews still battling forest fire flames

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - Crews are still battling a 2,000 acre forest fire in Hawkins County.

The Tennessee Department of Forestry says they've managed to save at least 80 homes.

But the fire at the top of the mountain is now making its way down.

Currently crews are trying to stop the fire from spreading by using bulldozers to create lines, so firefighters can use a technique called back-burning. "We use drip torches, which is a mixture of fuel, we use those and go right along [bulldozer] lines, set fire right along the edge of it. Once it burns back into the other fire, it will extinguish," said Richard Dykes with the Tennessee Department of Forestry.

Forestry officials believe the fire will continue smoldering for as long as a month.

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