Hawkins County

Community remembers 11 lives taken in one school district

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - Monday night the Hawkins County community came together to heal and reflect after 10 students and a teacher died following a series of unfortunate events over the past 9 months.

It's said that time heals, but after each tragedy people in Hawkins County are forced to begin the healing process all over again.

Kim McCann, a elementary school teacher and parent, tells News 5 she planned the prayer vigil at Volunteer High School to remember the 11 lives taken throughout the school system since last spring.

"When the last accident happened a couple weeks ago in Surgoinsville that took the lives of two young teenagers," Kim McCann, a teacher at Mount Carmel Elementary School, "I sat up all night that night just burdened with what our community is going through."

Most high school hallways are filled with sounds of students laughing and talking and slamming lockers, but over the past year the hallways of Volunteer High School have been silenced.

Katie McCann is a junior at Volunteer High.

"It's sad, through the hallways its quiet, a lot of loss crying," said Katie McCann, a junior at Volunteer High School.

Zach Greene tells us he's learned more about life during his first year of high school that he'd ever imagine.

"The unexpected happened, I have had a good time in high school, but with all of the loss in high school, it's sad. But it's still been good, you see the community coming together and the school coming together as one," said Zach Greene.

Local ministers offered prayers during the vigil.

We are told all of the deaths were caused either by car accidents or sudden illnesses.

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