Haslam, Lundberg talk wine in grocery stores

Bristol, Tennessee state representative Jon Lundberg sat down with us Friday to explain how Tennessee could be a step closer to seeing wine on supermarket shelves.

Lundberg introduced his "wine in grocery stores" legislation to the general assembly Thursday.   

This year the law proposes local communities will be the ones to decide if they want their cities and counties to sell wine in grocery stores by local referendums.

Lundberg told us he still expects a heavy amount of discussion on the topic, but he feels this tweak to the bill could finally make it sell to other lawmakers.

"The ones who even felt pressure from the liquor vote against this before will now have a tough time going back to those districts and saying, 'well I really don't think you should have the right to vote on this, and that would be a tough sell for most lawmakers I think,'" said Lundberg.

We also got a change to ask Governor Bill Haslam his thoughts about the legislation.

"We, as the administration are not taking a position. I don't know its chances of success, but I think they made it so they'll turn it into a vote by the local population. My sense is that increased its chances of getting passed," Governor Haslam told us.

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