Group encourages change in Tennessee's highest court

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. - There could be changes coming to the highest court in the state.

But that's if voters decide to replace three Tennessee Supreme Court Justices in the upcoming August election.

A nonprofit based out of Nashville is trying to sway the hearts and minds of Tennessee voters before August 7th.

The Tennessee forum, a self described independent political issues group wants voters to consider choosing *not* to retain three current members of the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Currently, each member of the court must be reelected, after a term as an appointed judge expires.

Chief justice wade gray, plus Justices Cornelia Clark and Sharon Lee are now up for that retention vote.

Tennessee forum spokeswoman Susan Kaestner calls the election " a pretty historic opportunity"

"We feel that these three justices do not reflect or share the same core values as the majority of Tennesseans, " Kaestner told News 5. "We have an opportunity to change the Supreme Court bench that has been a majority of democrats since reconstruction. "

However, Chief Justice Wade, who was in Blountville Wednesday, believes a nonprofit encouraging people to vote him off the bench could have a ripple effect.

"Our constitutional forefathers envisioned a balance of powers and I view this as an attempt to offset those balances," said Wade.  

The Tennessee Forum is currently running a television ad campaign encouraging people to consider the records of Justices Wade, Clark and Lee.

Election Day is Thursday August, 7th.

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