Greene County

Vases stolen from graves in Greene County

Vases stolen from graves in Greene County

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - The Greene County Sheriff's department is searching for clues and the suspects responsible for stealing 97 vases from Greene Lawn Memorial Gardens.

Cemetery officials believe that the bronzes vases were stolen Monday night. "They just took all of the flowers, tossed them to the side and yanked all of the vases," said Lee Fowler, cemetery caretaker.

Fowler tells us the vases are valued at $200 each.

The recent heist isn't the only time thieves have stolen vases from the burial grounds. "A few years ago we had 60 some vases stolen. That makes twice this has happened to us. I've been here 15 years, I don't think it's happened before that," Fowler.

People filed through the cemetery all day Wednesday to check and see if their loved ones' graves had been tampered with.

Greene Lawn Memorial Gardens says they will replace the vases. "We'll take care of it. Some people think they won't get replaced, but they will. It takes a little bit of time. It will be a few weeks but it will all be replaced," Fowler said.

The cemetery is also looking at several security options to make the property safer.

The Greene County Sheriff's Department has not released any information about potential suspects or arrests.

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