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Tornado watch puts Camp Creek residents on alert

Greene County Concerns

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - The tornado watches from Wednesday's storms had many residents in Camp Creek on high alert and on edge.

"I was at the top of the stairs and heard that roar everyone talks about," explained Dale Johnson, a Camp Creek resident. She and her husband, Bob, survived the EF3 tornadoes that tore through the community in Greene County on April 27, 2011.

The Johnsons said they still to this day turn on the television when the sky turns dark. "I've got a TV in almost everyone room and I keep them on so I can always be aware," she said.

Whenever there are tornado warnings or watches issued, the Johnson Family, including their 44 pets, are on their toes. "There's no one in this community that didn't appreciate what's happened," said Bob. "People take storm warnings more seriously now."

When the winds pick up and the rains move in, they head to their new safe room which includes emergency supplies, even for their furry family members. "We've got a battery to charge cell phones and water. It's a real setup. I keep all my important stuff downstairs now, I hadn't thought about that before," Dale said.

Something else she hadn't thought about: how the changes of the seasons would also be changed for her forever. "Now we're getting into Spring. I used to love Spring. But now, I know I have to pay attention to the weather, because it's not just spring any more, it's tornado season."

The family is hoping their fears pass just as the storms do. "It makes me nervous. I hope eventually the panic will go away," she said.

The Johnson said they're used to getting about 40 mile per hour straight-line winds during a normal day in Camp Creek. They keep everything on their porches bolted to the ground.

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