Greene County

The Band Perry visits Greeneville

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - Tuesday was a day of waiting for some fans The Band Perry in anticipation of the group's visit to the Greeneville Walmart.

Fans like Dennis Shelton lined up at 7:00 Tuesday morning, ten hours before the band's appearance.

The band is from Greeneville and fans here say they're excited the group is back in their hometown.

The trio of Perry siblings is also excited to be home. "First of all, kudos to the fans for being here at 7:00 because I know I was not up at 7:00 this morning and we really appreciate the dedication and support. It's amazing to be home and and it's the cherry on top of the whole thing," says Kimberly Perry, lead singer of the group.

The Greeneville Walmart was selected for the visit because it sold the most Pioneer albums nationwide in an April contest. "It's fantastic to have it here. To have local talent that came up from Greeneville and has been as successful as they are and to bring it back into Greeneville for the community and their fans is very, very good," explains Walmart manager Buddy Kolb.

The Band Perry will be playing an upcoming show on Thursday, August 29 in Sevierville at the Smokies Stadium.

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