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The Band Perry gives back to Greeneville

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - Kimberly, Reid, and Neil Perry have returned to Greeneville for a very special homecoming.
"Greeneville is our home, sometimes we say we go on vacation we just go here to the mountains," says Kimberly.

They are here promoting their new album 'Pioneer' set to be released Tuesday.
"Pioneer certainly was a journey and project for us just like any walk of life it is our walk with our music," Kimberly continues.

Even though the concert is free, money is being raised for 'Outnumber Hunger'.
Kimberly goes on to tell us, "I had no idea 1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger and I think, I always thought of America as land if the plenty but there's also struggles right here in our own borders."

10,000 wristbands are being sold for $1 in hopes of raising money for 'Outnumber Hunger'.

Kristin secora with general mills says "all the profit from the from each wristband which is 47 cents each, will then go to feeding America and will be distributed back to second harvest here in northeast Tennessee."

Just one of many ways The Band Perry is giving back to Greeneville.
"We love coming home to the place that never changes and it just gives us a real peace every time we come home," Neil tells us.

For more information on how you can donate to 'Outnumber Hunger' visit
and for more on The Band Perry you can visit their website:

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