Greene County

Some Greene County residents without water

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - An area of Greene County has been without running water for three days. We're told a pipe leak has left some residents high and dry.

We went to Baileyton, Tenn. on Sunday to talk to the water company to find out when the faucets will start running again on Fodderstack Mountain Loop. "Since Thursday, we haven't had water," said resident Raymond Kelly.

"We just came into the house, probably went to wash our hands or something, and realized there's not water," said Kelly's neighbor, Brian Ward.

Ward told us the past few days haven't been easy. "Taking showers for instance," said Ward. "We're lucky enough to have a pond. I can go down to the pond and fill up tanks to at least be able to flush the toilets."

Ward told us that he called the utility company and found out it there was a pipe leak. We went to the North Greene Utilities water plant to see what caused the leak.

"When you turn the water on and off fast, I'm talking about volume like a fire hydrant or something like that, and you cut it off real fast, it's like a rippling effect in the water. It vibrates the lines," said John Waddle, president of North Greene Utilities.

Waddle said that's what caused the leak more than a week ago, emptying the water tanks. He wasn't able to tell us the specific day the leak started.

Waddle told News 5 the leak was fixed on Wednesday or Thursday but he said it will take some time for the water tanks to refill and for residents to get water again.

"The creek right now is running muddy," Waddle said. "The muddier the water, the less gallons per minute we can generate."

This hurts residents, like Ward, who live on a hill because it takes more pressure and fuller tanks to get the water up there. "You lose about one pound [of pressure] for every foot you go up," said Waddle.

Residents told us they didn't have any warning from the utility company that there was a problem at all. "How come we haven't been told about what was going on with the breakage or whatever the problem was?" said Kelly. "[There's] a lack of communication."

Kelly told us North Greene Utilities hasn't been able to give them a date when their water will be turned back on. He said they were told on Saturday that it would be back by 5:00 p.m. that night.

Waddle told us on Sunday that it could be two more days before the water starts running again.

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