Greene County

People line up early for The Band Perry concert

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - Thousands gathered in Downtown Greeneville Saturday to get a glimpse of The Band Perry for their world release of their new album, Pioneer.

Some from near and others from afar came to Downtown Greeneville. "I love Band Perry! And I want to be able to see them," said AJ McQueen.

"We just love the Band Perry, because they are local," Stella McKee.

Many came early in the morning, hoping to get the best seat for the show. "They got here earlier than I did. I came at 11 and I was surprised it wasn't more crowded than what it is, but we got a great seat," Carolyn Cox.

"It was around 9 o'clock, they wanted to get here at 8 and I wouldn't get up that early," Millie Gilbert.

However, that didn't last for long. As the hour grew closer to 6 pm, the crowd stretched down Main Street making it harder to see the stage. "I tried to go everywhere so they could see and you can't get to them," Michelle Roberts.

This caused some to leave early. But not all; I spoke to many devoted fans who told me they loved the show and would have waited longer."It's been worth standing here since 2 o'clock to see them," said Hunter Hensley.

The Band Perry's new CD will be released to the public on April 2.

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