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New facts on the Good Samaritan Law in Tennessee

New facts on the Good Samaritan Law in Tennessee

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - The ‘Good Samaritan Law' in Tennessee allows someone to break out a window of a car if they see a child in danger, but there are still some things that need to be cleared up.

We found out there is no age limit set on the law, and this law applies to all temperatures and seasons.

The stories of kids left in hot cars show no signs of slowing down.

Ashley Aldridge is a mom of three and can't believe someone could leave their child locked in a car. "I have 3 in there right now and there is no way they would be quiet for one second for me to be able to leave them. I can't imagine that at all," she said.

A new law in Tennessee could save a child's life. It's called the ‘Good Samaritan Law' and it gives a person the right to break a car window if they believe a child is in danger.

Kelly Fox says she would not hesitate. "If I see a kid in a car I would find something and bust that window out. I have a child and that breaks my heart seeing a kid left alone in there," she said.

But does it just apply to children? We went to find out who is protected by this law by talking to the person who authored the law, David Hawk. "Someone who could not get out of a car themselves, someone who is basically helpless if a car were locked. You've got an infant in a car seat a toddler in a chair," he explained.

The law states that if a 'Good Samaritan' decides to break out a window, they must first call 911.

Knowing that the law protects 'Good Samaritans' and children puts Ashley at ease. "People won't feel intimidated. They'll know that they are responsible to be able to help those children," she said.

The law also requires a Good Samaritan to see visible signs of danger, like a face that is flushed or a person sweating a lot.

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