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More than 160 jobs coming to Greene County

More jobs at Huf

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - Automobile parts manufacturer Huf said in a press conference Monday that they will bring more jobs to Greene County than originally expected.

People in Greene County are excited about the new opportunities, but before those positions are filled the right infrastructure has to be in place and that's proven to be no easy task.

The Greene County Partnership announced that Huf will bring more than 160 jobs to the area, an addition that Chamber Director Tom Ferguson hopes will help drop the county's 11 percent unemployment rate. "Every job is critical right now," said GCP president Tom Ferguson.. "28 percent of the people in Greene County work in the manufacturing sector, and if we can get the manufacturing sector to recover, and it's starting to do that, and if we can get the help of the local companies, which we are doing, we can get that unemployment rate down."

In February the Wisconsin-based automobile parts manufacturer said they would expand operations in Greene County by adding 100 jobs.

But now Huf plans to add 60 more mechanical jobs, in addition to 28 administrative jobs, by the end of the expansion.

Ferguson tells News 5 that the construction is expected be complete by the spring, but if they don't get the money needed to expand the water line that may not be the case. "The water line that serves their building has to be a 10-inch line for fire purposes and our line is an 8-inch line. I think we have to tap into the 12-inch line along the road and run it to the building," said Ferguson.

Ferguson tells News 5 that's an $80,000 undertaking.

Despite the work needed for the expansion, people we spoke with are optimistic about addition.

As for Feguson, he thinks things are looking up for the local economy. "It's a win-win however you want to look at it," said Ferguson.

Ferguson tells News 5 that the state approved a portion of the money for the water line expansion, so now they need an additional $30,000.

County leaders are asking the county commission and other county organizations for funds to help complete the project.

Some jobs could be filled as early as the beginning of next month.

Here is a link to the Huf job postings if you'd like to apply.

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