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Local offers up home to Oklahoma victims

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GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - It was a typical evening for Judy Kowalski until she saw the news on Monday. "I turned the TV on and they said something about storms in Oklahoma," said Kowalski.

Kowalski said the longer she watched the coverage, the more worried she got; one of her own children lived there. "I saw the devastation there and I saw where it was. So I got on the phone to my daughter to make sure she was ok, because she lives 50 miles away from there," said Kowalski.

Kowalski tells us her daughter's home, fortunately, wasn't hit, but she continued to worry about all of the families whose homes had been. "There are people out there, Amy's age that have absolutely nothing right now," said Kowalski.

She tells us she wanted to 'pay it forward' for all of the times other people had helped her. "I was sitting here thinking, well, I do have a bedroom. I do have a bathroom," said Kowalski.

Kowalski says if someone needs a place, she wants to help. "The National Guard and everything is in there, but people still need a place to go," said Kowalski.

She tells us she isn't worried about the distance either, saying it never hurts to offer. "I know when people got hit by Katrina, people got placed all over until they could go back to where they were," said Kowalski.

So Kowalski is waiting for someone to call and tell her they need a place to lay their head, and she'll be there to let them in. "Common people can help common people," said Kowalski.

Kowalski told us she has not had anyone take her up on the offer yet, but did say she tried to get in contact with the Red Cross to let them know she was willing to help.

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