Greene County

Hundreds of households rely on heating assistance funds

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - A harsh winter caused hundreds of people to rely on community assistance to help pay high energy bills.

Greeneville-Greene County Community Ministries was able to provide a helping hand to families during one of the worst winters they've seen.

We're told many of the monthly heating bills were between $200 and $400 this winter.

So far, they've helped 1,500 households this season; at one point they feared they wouldn't have enough money to keep with the demand. "We're talking about people that are not working. And usually we had to get down to where we were the last provider. If you can come up with the rest, you can come to the community ministries, and we'll write you a voucher for $120," said Carmen Ricker, executive director of Greeneville-Greene County Ministries.

And as long as the extreme weather is over, Ricker tells us she believes the organization will make it through the season on their budget.

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