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Greene County still waiting for FEMA funds

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - UPDATE 5/23/14: We have some updated numbers about the amount of emergency management money Greene County is still getting following the tornadoes three years ago.

Greene County commissioners are under the impression the county is waiting on over a million dollars, but the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency contacted us Friday saying the amount is much less.

A TEMA spokesperson told News 5 the county is only set to receive an additional $410,000. The remaining money will come once a final state inspection on clean-up is complete.

Greene County commissioners tell us they believed the county was due more than double that amount. State records show Greene County received $920,000 in 2012.

The county is set to discuss the budget early next month.


Greene County is still waiting on about a million dollars from the federal government three years after deadly tornadoes devastated the Camp Creek community.

The delay is really putting a strain on the county's finances. County leaders tell News 5 that FEMA continues to claim the check is in the mail, but so far they've seen nothing.

They say their mission is to support their citizens but the citizens of Greene County have yet to see any support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA as it's known.

"I don't think they give a reason," says Greene County Commissioner, Robin Quillen. "I think it's just one of those things that are in their hands and we have to play the waiting game."

Quillen tells News 5 that bottom line they need this money desperately.

"We just kept waiting to get the FEMA money and we're still lacking. I think there's $430,000 owed to the road department and I think there's $430,000 owed to our general fund for the work that we did out there," adds Quillen.

And the work keeps piling up, but still, no check. Local residents like Brandy Bishop have vivid memories of the day the tornadoes hit and although she thinks the county's bounced back, financially that's not the case.

"I think that FEMA and Red Cross stepped in quite a bit to help out with it. But as far as insurance and things, I know that people have said they've had a hard time getting the money they need to rebuild their homes and things like that," says Bishop.

Bishop was shocked to learn about the delay of federal funds. It's now become a waiting game affecting residents and the county.

"It'll be devastating to our road department budget and to our general fund budget because we already need funds and it would help a lot if we could get this FEMA money," says Quillen.

It looks like it could be a long road ahead.

News 5 tried to reach out to Greene County's budget director, Mary Shelton, and Greene County mayor Alan Broyles, but we were unable to reach either of them.

There is going to be another budget meeting on June 5.

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